headbands on the road

We like sports and active living. And so, we have fun supporting everything related to it. On this page, we tell you about places and events we take our headbands to meet you.

Organizing an interesting event? Let us know


Charity run Od nevidim do nevidim

Main square – Stříbrná Skalice

We are happy to support this event again and we made a slightly changed version of the Od nevidím do nevidím headband. The proceeds from this headband will help support the activities of that project



Vypusťte šakala

A runner’s race for children and teenagers. It takes place in the Central Park of Praha-Kbely. Come and see our stylish headbands for colder weather with the motto of the race. See more information on the athletic club website of Šakal Kbely


Sport Expo – Prague Maraton Praha

We have been persuaded again and we will be there!



Běhej lesy Karlštejn

We are everywhere that people run in the woods, as the name Run through the Woods suggests. We will be there, too.

Where, what, when and how… you will learn all that here


Běhej lesy Lednice

If you didn’t make it last year, you must do it now. The beautiful area of Lednice-Valtice, great support, fantastic atmosphere, and US WITH OUR HEADBANDS! A killer combo! Info about the race here

22.7. 2016

Běhej Lesy – Vysočina

This will be our first time here and we can’t wait for the experience. Since all the places in this series were excellent last year, we want to see what they have prepared for us in Vysočina! What, why, when and where… you can see all that here


Běhej lesy Bílá

We haven’t been here yet either, although this is not a new destination in the series Běhej lesy (Run through the Woods). Since we have only heard good things about this place, and we want to visit a new part of our country with our headbands, we are going there!

This September will be tough


Jizerská 50  RUN   (Bedřichov)

Great support, a great track, great people, we must be there!



Běhej lesy Boletice

Another newcomer to the Běhej lesy (Run through the Woods) series. We can’t wait to see it. Šumava is a beautiful place, so it will be worth it for sure!!!

… no events in October so far

… no events in November so far